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Being in business (and staying there) is a tricky skill!

Keeping the right balance in your working life with all of the daily issues you face is a very difficult skill.

But of course you can do have
a successful business now don’t you?

The problem is that we all think we’re Superman and that we’ll always be there to manage everything!

However, unfortunately, we are not invincible or indestructible.... we’re just ordinary human beings!

Andrew Carnegie, a famous writer and businessman, once said;

"Men and Women – not machines
are the real source of profits in
any business"

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Ask Yourself:

• What would happen to your business (and all of your overheads, salaries, rents, etc etc) if you couldn’t work through long term ill health or accident?

• How long would you be able to continue drawing the same income?

• What would happen in the longer term to you and your business if you were never able to go back to work.

• How will your family get the results of your years of hard work if you die prematurely?

Most businesses just don’t have good enough plans in place to survive these types of situation should they occur.......... let me talk to you about some solutions.

Here are some striking statistics about life in the
UK today that you need to consider:

Collectively, heart and circulatory diseases cause more than one in three of all deaths in the UK, accounting for more than 191,000 deaths each year at an estimated cost of £30 billion to the economy. (source 04/09/2012)

It is estimated that nearly 1.2 million people living in the UK have had a stroke - roughly evenly split between men and women. Around 600,000 of these people are less than 75 years of age. (source 04/09/2012)

Forecasts published earlier in the year anticipated 45,000 cases of repossession in 2012, and that number of mortgages with arrears of 2.5% or more of the outstanding balance would arise to 180,000 by the end of the year. (source - 04/09/12)

These statistics make gloomy reading.... however there are a wide range of insurance options available that offer cover against some of these situations.

For example :

Life assurance cover provides protection if you die during the term of the plan and a Critical Illness policy can provide cover if you suffer from one of the specified heart conditions or disabilities and are eligible to claim during the policy term

2) Critical illness cover will pay out your chosen amount of cover on diagnosis of a specified illness. If you do suffer from one of the specified illnesses or disabilities such as some forms of heart attack, cancer and strokes you will be eligible to claim during the policy term.

3) Permanent Health Insurance can provide an income if you are unable to work through ill health or accident and is ideally suited for covering your monthly mortgage payments throughout the term of the loan

Let us help you to plan to make sure that you have the right cover
in place to save your business if the worst happens!

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